Life-Changing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Women often have a lot to handle… work, home, errands, and taking care of children or pets. This can make us feel stressed or overwhelmed. But don’t worry! We’ve made a great list of useful tips just for women. These tips cover everything from household chores to current fashion trends. They’ll make your daily life […]

These Laws From Around The World Are So Weird

Every country has its own laws that the residents and citizens have to obey. Most of the laws are aimed at preventing any harm to humanity but there are some that go the extra mile and prevent the citizens from doing some crazy things. There are many laws around the world that are so ridiculous […]

The Worst Cars Ever Made In The History Of Mankind

For about a century and a half, human beings have been getting on the tarmac with four wheels to drive on. Many of these cars are flashy enough to grab the attention of people on the road. Designers working for car companies are always coming up with new designs that they believe will wow the […]

The Top Secret Robot Armies Fighting To Undermine Democracy

The COMPROP project, which is funded by the EU, is set out to investigate networks of automated social media accounts and the role that they play in shaping the opinion of the public. The project was initially focused on Twitter but the team at the University of Oxford’s Programme on Democracy and Technology found computational […]

England Lifts COVID Restrictions Even As Variant Case Spike

The British government has lifted all the COVID restrictions on Monday, removing all the social distancing norms. This move was highly criticised by the scientific community and the opposition parties as the government takes a step into the unknown. The nightclubs were allowed to run at full capacity and legal mandates like wearing a mask […]

Three Test Positive At Olympic Village, Fear Of Outbreak At Games

Two athletes have tested positive for the coronavirus in the Tokyo Olympic Village after a team colleague was also infected, officials said on Sunday, raising fears of a cluster just days before the opening ceremony. The first cases involving athletes in the Village come a day after a member of their entourage returned the first positive […]

Google Hits Record $593 Million Fine In France In News Copyright Battle

On Tuesday, the French competition regulators fined Google 500 million Euros ($594 million) for failing to comply with an order to negotiate fair deals with news publishers for the use of their content. France’s Competition Authority said Google had breached an April 2020 ruling that ordered the company to negotiate “in good faith” licensing deals with publishers […]

Earth’s Atmosphere Is Retaining Heat Twice As Fast As It Did Just 15 Years Ago

Climate change is being talked about all around us. Everywhere around us, we see books and magazines that point towards the negative consequences of climate change. Everything from the hottest years on record to ruining astronomy can be tied to climate change. Scientists are facing another worrisome thought that is going to provoke much thought too. The Earth is […]

Hong Kong To Ban Plastic Cutlery In Four Years

The restaurants in Hong Kong will move to a greener initiative and will provide more eco-friendly tableware and customers may need to bring their own containers for takeaway meals under a government proposal to eventually ban disposable plastic items. This plan was released last week after a two-month constitution and is expected to be rolled […]

The Biggest Surge In US Consumer Prices Since 2008

The prices for US consumers has seen the biggest jump in 13 years. The primary cause behind this is the swift rebound of spending that has run up against the supply shortages that the companies are facing from all over the world. This supply shortage has led to the increase in the cost of many […]