It may seem like quite a simple task to pick the Outfit of the Day, posting selfies, or selecting the perfect filter for your Instagram profile. However, when your earning and reputation depends on it, you have to take extreme care and put in a lot of effort into your pictures. There is not much reality in the posts uploaded on the social media platform. From fake candid pictures to clicking at only some flattering angles, the efforts that go behind that perfect picture are plenty. These influencers have finally revealed the reality of those stunning posts and it is hysterically relatable.

Picnic Under The Sun


While many picnic essentials are packed before a good day under the sun, a barbeque grill and some booze top the list. However, as Geraldine West, an influencer shows that for Instagram, there are probably more items that you need to carry than just those two things.

A pretty blanket, some fresh fruits, and expensive-looking crockery would make any “picnic post” impressive. She didn’t forget to reflect a contrast between the outfits. The one that people actually wear for a comfortable outing and the other that is worn for the followers often termed as a “picnic OOTD”.