We have always looked up to the leaders of the Free World to lead us into a better world. Considering the last president that the country had, we might think that it is not important to have the intelligence in order to become the most powerful man in the whole world. However, consider all the presidents that have come before and after Donald Trump, and you will realize that these men have been very smart. Their job involves a lot more than just hosting dinner parties and giving prepared speeches. In order to rank the US Presidents according to their IQ scores, we have dug through history books and come up with a list of the smartest presidents in US history.

Bill Clinton


Having an IQ of 159 could not help save Bill Clinton from the attacks of the media when his secret affair came out to the public. He denied his secret affair with Monica Lewinsky by saying: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” However, even Clinton’s extremely high IQ couldn’t help him lie effectively. Aside from committing adultery, he lost the nuclear launch codes for a few months.