We have all seen our fair share of disney movies over the years and yet, there are so many easter eggs in the movies that have gone unnoticed. Disney is known to put in many small hints in the movies that tease the knowledge of the audience. Over the years, Disney fans have noticed character cameos, background details, and timeline overlaps that lend themselves to some very persuasive fan theories. While some are more credible than others, it’s fun to revisit your favorite Disney characters from a different perspective, and potentially see them in a new light. There are some weirdly persuasive fan theories on the internet and we have curated them all in one place for you to enjoy.

Moana Dies at the Beginning


This particular theory suggests that Moana dies in the storm at the beginning of the movie. To back this up, this theory points out that Moana only encounters gods and mystical creatures until she returns to her tribe. Therefore, her journey is actually a fight for her life.