Disney has been around for a long time and it has produced some of the most iconic animated movies. The franchise has a huge fan following and everyone, from little children to adults, enjoys the movies and some even become obsessed with them to watch them again and again. Some might say that the Disney movies are perfect for all age groups and they aren’t completely wrong. However, even the most perfect humans make some mistakes. This has happened with Disney as well. Over the years, they have made quite a number of mistakes in their movies but not many people in the audience have spotted them. Have you ever spotted a mistake in the Disney animated films? We have collected a bunch of mistakes made by Disney so the next time you watch a Disney movie, be on the lookout for some of these errors.

A Painting That Should Not Exist


This is from Beauty and the Beast. The two romantic leads in the classic Beauty And The Beast are supposed to be around the same age, but the Beast has been cursed and trapped to look like a monster for ten years.

The enchanted rose, the movie explains, will bloom until his 21st birthday. That means the Beast was cursed when he was only around ten years old.

However, this painting of the prince clearly shows that he is well into his adult life. So, how come this portrait is clearly of him as an adult, and not a boy? We love this movie, but that detail is a pretty obvious mistake on Disney’s part.