Making Titanic was a truly complicated project. There were many hiccups along the way since many people got ill on the set and Kate Winslet nearly drowned during the shooting of the movie. Despite the struggle, director James Cameron did a pretty good job on it. That is if you don’t count these mistakes that made their way into the film. From historical inaccuracies and continuity errors to visible cameramen, these mistakes went unnoticed by viewers at first, but now we can’t unsee them. Here are some mistakes that you may not have caught whilst watching Titanic.

Jack And Rose Would Never Have Met In Real Life


This little historical fact basically kills the entire point of the movie, so we guess we understand why it was ultimately ignored for the sake of the plot. In reality, Jack and Rose probably never would have met each other, since she was a passenger in first class, and he was in third class.

Back in the day, that separation wasn’t only based on class; it was meant to prevent the spread of diseases from passengers in the lower class (yikes, we know). That means Jack couldn’t have made his way to the first class deck and met Rose.