A lot of people find things on a daily basis that are completely unknown to them. They often get confused as to what to call these items, since there is no reference to which they can compare them to. These people went online to ask about the items that they discovered and the internet came to the rescue for them.

We wonder if that is how the accounts of various alien objects came into being, simply because people had no idea what they were discovering in the past. On a lighter note, we have collected a bunch of pictures of weird items that people needed help identifying.

Not A Teapot


The person who discovered this item thought that it was part of a unique China tea set. However, he could not be more wrong. While this item has a lot of the same identifying characteristics of a tea set, this is actually a scuttle. Rather than being made for tea, a scuttle is actually made as a mug for shaving. The spout for it is used to pour in hot water.