We often think that royal life is quite easy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Princess Kate Middleton follows many rules to keep the integrity of the Royal Family which the average person would find pretty hard to follow. It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge does not live the seemingly carefree life that we are led to believe. There is a strict protocol that she must follow. Since marrying Prince William, she has had to adapt to the lifestyle and the rules laid out by the monarchy — and trust us, there are lots of rules to follow!

Some of the rules the Princess must follow are not without controversy. The Queen makes the rules, and although she has been in charge for a long time some rules have never changed, leading to some interesting modern social conflicts.

Cannot Give Autographs


The Duchess of Cambridge became a celebrity after she joined the Royal Family. However, she cannot sign autographs for fans. Under the rules of the crown, she can only sign official documents previously authorized by Queen Elizabeth II.

The reason for this rule comes from the fear that someone could falsify documents on behalf of a member of the Royal Family. Because of this, only photos and handshakes are allowed.