We have all been through at least one breakup in our lives. It hurts a lot when we end a chapter of our lives that we thought was going to last a lot longer than it did. Nursing a broken heart is not easy but in order to move on with our lives, we have to take the leap into a better life. But even harsher than being broken up with in person, is finding out that you’ve been dumped via a text or random note. Take a look at these hilariously savage breakup notes and we know that we shouldn’t laugh at these, but some of these super-harsh breakup texts are so wild that you can’t help it.

The Pizza Breakup


We all know that pizza makes pretty much everything better, so we have to hand it to whoever broke up with their beau in this cheesy fashion. Sure, it’s probably more respectful to sit them down and have an honest, face-to-face chat about your feelings.

But let’s be honest—the dumpee is probably heading straight for the pizza afterward, right? So it’s kind of considerate for this dumper to announce the breakup while also providing the essential breakup food when you think about it.