Area 51 has always been a mystery and has been the source of many controversies. Some people believe that the government is hiding an alien UFO with little green aliens in the facility while others believe that it is simply yet another government facility with an air base. However, one thing is common among all people who believe in the existence of Area 51: the place is shrouded in mystery and the only people who actually know the truth are high-level government and military officials. However, we have uncovered some facts about the facility that we think the whole world should read about. Scroll down to find out more.

What Is Area 51?


In 1995, the government started using the facility to test aircrafts. However, they did not acknowledge the existence of the facility until 2013. Even in the announcement in 2013, they did not mention anything about aliens and just mentioned that it was a test facility for prototype aircrafts. One thing that is clear is that the government definitely had something to hide due to the fact they kept the facility hidden for so long.