Fan Theories About Disney Movies That Are Weirdly Persuasive

We have all seen our fair share of disney movies over the years and yet, there are so many easter eggs in the movies that have gone unnoticed. Disney is known to put in many small hints in the movies that tease the knowledge of the audience. Over the years, Disney fans have noticed character […]

How Many Of These Mistakes In Disney Animated Films Did You Know About?

Disney has been around for a long time and it has produced some of the most iconic animated movies. The franchise has a huge fan following and everyone, from little children to adults, enjoys the movies and some even become obsessed with them to watch them again and again. Some might say that the Disney […]

These Secrets About Disney World Are Not Known To The Public

Even though Walter Elias Disney has been dead for more than 5 decades, he is now known as one of the most famous men in human history. The animator completely changed the game of animation and cartoons and made new waves in the industry. His early technicolor movies became beacons within the modern world, and […]

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