Terrifying Films That Were Banned For Being Too Disturbing

Over the years, many movies have been released that have broken all sorts of box office records, both nationally and internationally. These movies have been loved by the audience and appreciated for the talent of the actors, screenwriters, and directors. However, there are many movies, that have done well in the box office, but have […]

50 Famous Movie Lines That Were Improvised On The Spot

Scriptwriters have been working quite hard for a number of years when they come up with the perfect storyline that is bound to make a hit in the box office. However, there are many actors who go off script many times because they are well-aware of what will resonate with the audience more. Many lines […]

The Most Paused Movie Scenes In Hollywood History

We can stop and replay our favorite scenes and notice things that we didn’t spot the first time. We pause scenes for different reasons, and that gives us time to process everything we watch. We can feed our curiosity and then share our thoughts with others. These are some of the most paused scenes in […]

These Movie Extras Completely Changed The Movie Scenes

There are never small parts, only small actors. This saying is as old as Hollywood itself and there is a reason why it has survived so long. It is meant to motivate people into pursuing all roles, small or big, however, there is something literal about the saying too. While the role that these actors […]

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