For those of us who dream on going on cruises, we can only imagine the ultra-uber lifestyle that helps us relax for some quality time with our loved ones. Cruise ships are filled with many luxuries that make your vacation even more relaxing. These generally include a pool on the deck of the ship where you can soak in the sun and also eat leisurely as the food is served right by the pool.

We always imagine our cruise vacations to be stress-free and, while they do help to lower our stress levels, the reality never quite matches up to our expectations. This is because our expectations are derived from movies and brochures. And when we board the ship, we soon get a reality check that makes us wonder why they are advertised as the most relaxing vacation that you will ever go on. Here are some pictures that show the expectations and realities of a cruise ship.

Boarding The Ship – Expectation


The movies have made the cruise ships look a lot more glamorous than they actually are. This starts from the very first point and that is boarding the ship itself. In the movies, they never show the boarding process.

This makes the world believe that when you reach the dock, there should be a staircase that will lead to the deck of the ship and after that, you will just start your vacation. They cut out the part where we have to wait in endlessly long lines, go through infinite checking points and then wait another couple of hours for the boarding to begin.

They make it look so easy on TV. So we prepare for the big day, we pack our best clothes and we head out early because we just can’t wait to start our vacation.