There are many couples who spend months and even years trying to plan the perfect wedding. The one day when they stand in front of their family and friends and proclaim their undying love for one another. Then, they head to the celebration, where the photographer takes pictures that they will cherish forever. That’s what’s supposed to happen. However, there is always one incident which ruins the wedding and the photographer manages to capture it forever. We have compiled a list of such wedding fails which show that even the best laid plans can go wrong.

Falling For You


It is often easy for the groom to pick up the bride in his arms. This goes for all men and women. However, it is not that easy for women to pick up other women. This is exactly what happened in this picture. One of the bridesmaids was trying to pick up another bridesmaid in her arms and she could not support her weight. This resulted in a hilarious picture where the bridesmaid is falling and the photographer managed to capture the moment. She’ll go through life being known as the girl who fell on the floor at a wedding.