Late night talk shows have been around to entertain us for quite a long time. They give us a rare insight into the lives of the celebrities that we are used to looking at only on the big screen. The hosts of the shows are pretty hilarious and they often ask questions about the celebrity’s ongoing projects, their personal lives, and about their friends and other social activities. Some talk show hosts also play games with the celebrities to add more fun to the show.

Along with many memorable moments, there have been segments that have made both guests and audiences cringe. Hosts may have changed, but the appeal of late-night shows is constant. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic guests and moments that have graced our television screens throughout the years.



Madonna, dubbed the “Queen of Pop,” was the kind of celebrity who drew everyone’s attention, especially in the late ’80s. On June 9th, 1987, Madonna made her first appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. Though many thought the Material Girl’s debut would be like any other guest on his popular late-night show, they were wrong.

Madonna had a plan in mind, something that soon became evident to the fans at home. Madonna had a mission; throughout the show, she flirted with Carson, flirting to the point that was hard to ignore. A few months after the interview aired, Madonna traveled the world to promote her “Who’s That Girl” album. Coincidence? We think not.