Many a times, we come across news articles where we read about someone around the world who got extremely lucky when they bought an old house for next to nothing and found a very valuable wine cellar below the floorboards. Other times, we hear about online auction of old things such as rare comic books or mint collectibles that were sold for thousands of dollars. Every time we read such things, we begin to assess the value of the things that are in our closets and begin to wonder how much we are actually worth. Everyday things such as signed baseballs, ticket stubs to famous concerts, baseball cards or vintage Coca Cola cans to stuffed toys can be worth thousands if not millions of dollars. Let’s go through this list of rare collectibles that have been collected in the history of mankind.

Original 1959 Barbie


Maker: Mattel 

Original Price: $3*

Worth Today: $27,450*

When you think about the relatively small purchase price of just $3 originally, this marks a great return on investment. However, just like with any collectible, the unboxed, untouched Barbies will fetch the highest price at auction. Barbies missing limbs definitely don’t appeal to the market.