Education is one of the biggest expenses in one’s life. People are willing to pay top dollar for higher education and this can be an amount that leaves them in debt for the rest of their lives. Since this is one of the biggest decisions you can make, you should be careful as to where you are paying the money and how much you are getting out of it. We have compiled a list of the four-year institutions in each state that offer the worst bang for your buck. These college and university rankings are based on publicly available data on factors including employment rates, earnings and the prices after financial aid, and we have selected the worst colleges for your money in every state in the United States of America.

Alabama — Auburn University at Montgomery


Average net price per year: $12,807

Median earnings six years after graduation: $33,300

Although it’s a bit cheaper to attend Auburn University at Montgomery than the national average of $15,523, the average debt load is pretty standard for schools on this list. Students who take out loans to pay for a four-year program borrow an average of $22,556. The school accepts the vast majority of applicants — 93% — but only 34% actually graduate, which is well below the national average of about half. “The school is way too expensive for all that they have to offer,” a freshman writes in an online review. “Campus life is dead, and there’s not much to do here. Don’t come here if you want to actually enjoy your college experience.”