When a bride selects her bridesmaids, one of her tasks is to choose the dresses for her bridesmaids while they help her select the best dress for her too. This dress selection goes hand in hand so that everyone looks beautiful at the wedding. If it is not done right, the result could be quite a disaster. The bridesmaids’ dresses need a good thought as they grab attention too, probably the next after the bridal dress. Let this list be a warning to all the brides and bridesmaids who are selecting dresses for an upcoming wedding.

Covered In Flowers


The first thing anyone would notice in these pastel bridesmaids’ dresses is the flower detail. It is too huge to be ignored! Those flowers are covering the entire dress below the waist. We wish for some breathing space. These bridesmaids deserve applause for pulling it off!

We can live with that bow detail on the shoulder and the black belt too. However, no more flowers, please! The bride could have chosen a better design as this one is not appealing to anyone. That circular twisting to create an illusion of a flower is not so innovative after all!