There are never small parts, only small actors. This saying is as old as Hollywood itself and there is a reason why it has survived so long. It is meant to motivate people into pursuing all roles, small or big, however, there is something literal about the saying too. While the role that these actors played may have been very small, their acting definitely wasn’t and, for a lot of these movies, their over-acting ended up ruining some big moments. Here are some movie extras that completely ruined iconic scenes.

North By Northwest


One of Alfred Hitchcock’s finest thrillers, North by Northwest, had audiences on the edge of their seats. The crop duster chase has become iconic, but the standoff at Mount Rushmore’s visitors center is almost as famous.

However, this is for all the wrong reasons. Would the movie’s femme fatale, Eve, really shoot Cary Grant’s Roger Thornhill? Judging by the kid extra in the back, absolutely.

A full five seconds before Eve fires, he plugs his ears in anticipation of the loud bang. Hitch really should’ve known – when you’re working with kids, get it right on the first take.