The world can be a scary place and you will find that you go through life meeting a variety of different people. However, when you get used to seeing the same old people in your life on a daily basis, it can actually be a bit of a shock when we meet strangers that are a little bit creepy.

Our own little world keeps on turning and we forget that there are all sorts of scary people living out there. All it takes is one scary story and you get thrown back into the reality that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We have collected some stories from various people around the world that are first hand accounts of the creeps that they have met in their lives.

Man’s Best Friend Indeed


“My family has a Bernese mountain dog called Ava, who is very big. She’s a quiet and lazy dog, but she also seems to be alert at all times. One night, my parents went out for dinner and left me at home with Ava. I was downstairs watching TV and my lounge is right next to the front door. At around 8:00 PM, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to see a guy in fairly plain clothes standing there. He told me that he had a delivery for me. I was confused because he didn’t look like a delivery driver, and he had no parcel. Suddenly, I turn my head and see another guy around the side of my driveway which goes to our back door. This other man is clearly walking towards my back door.

Via Pexels

I freak out and the guy at the door notices this. He barges through, shouting for the other guy. This is when Ava wakes up and begins to let out the loudest bark I’ve ever heard, making the guy stumble back. She rushed towards him and jumped up, grabbing his shoulder and literally throwing him out the door. His buddy came along, but saw Ava and started to run.

The other guy managed to slip out of Ava’s grip and run down the road. I somehow managed to get Ava to stay so I didn’t lose her, and they got away. I was so shaken up. I called my parents and then the authorities, and I gave them a statement. It’s safe to say that Ava got plenty of treats from then on, and I always keep her nearby when I am on my own.”