There are many people who dream about having their picture taken with a celebrity. Some people wait their entire lives for an opportunity like that, while for others it happens completely unexpectedly. You can only imagine the surprise that you would feel if you were just walking around and happen to take a selfie and then end up getting photobombed by a celebrity. At first, you might think it is just a normal passerby, but then when you take a closer look, you get the surprise of a lifetime. Here are the best and the funniest pictures that we have gathered for you!

John Krasinski Is Part Of The Crew


These guys were just taking a selfie at a ball game when they captured something amazing. Seriously guys, how did you not notice that John Krasinski was sitting behind you? He happens to be one of the most famous actors in the world right now, being one of the main characters of the hit sitcom “The Office”. The best part about this picture is that John is looking straight into the camera as if he is a member of their crew.