Even though Walter Elias Disney has been dead for more than 5 decades, he is now known as one of the most famous men in human history. The animator completely changed the game of animation and cartoons and made new waves in the industry. His early technicolor movies became beacons within the modern world, and the world looked to him to bring some of the most popular fairy tales to life in a whimsical fashion.

However, he was not content with all the success that he received from his work as an animator. He wanted more, so he expanded the Disney name to include a theme park. In an effort to allow children and adults alike the chance to escape to new worlds, he decided to dip his toe into the amusement park industry during the 1950s. Even though the parks are still growing stronger every single day, there are some secrets that the world does not know about.

The Tunnels Are Real


The most important places in the world seem to have tunnels underneath them. The reason behind this is not known and yet these secret tunnels do exist. While this isn’t true for some buildings and attractions, it’s certainly true for the Magic Kingdom.

It’s been suggested that there are around 392,000-square-feet of underground corridors that allow staff and characters to move freely under the park without having to bypass visitors and spoil the magic.

The legend goes that these underground tunnels were all Walt Disney’s idea. As he was making his way around the park, the animator saw a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland to get to his home in Frontierland. Walt didn’t want to see cowboys in the futuristic world of Tomorrowland and assumed that his guests didn’t want to either, so the tunnels were the perfect option for the cast.