When you think of the word vintage, something retro and old-school usually comes to mind. It may bring you back to your childhood, or make you reminisce about old fashioned photos. However, these images also bring about a feeling of nostalgia and the memories of a good time. There was a time when Hollywood actors and actresses lived like royalty and everything that they did seemed effortless. We have collected a bunch of vintage pictures that are very entertaining but meant for mature audiences only.

Drag Racing Queen


These days when we think about drag racing, the Fast and the Furious franchise and movies like The Italian Job come to mind. However, drag racing was a very popular form of entertainment in the 1970s. But one thing that stood out the most were the lovely women that graced the races in their skimpy shorts and incredibly tight shirts. One such Drag Racing Queen was known as ‘Jungle Pam Hardy,’ all because she was the sidekick of one of the most famous drag racers, Jim “Jungle Jim” Liberman. Although she only walked the tracks with Jungle Jim for less than 5 years, she still went down in history as ‘the most iconic backup girl in drag racing history.’