Mothers and daughters often have a strong bond. And when two people love each other and trust each other, this bond often becomes effortless. You might have noticed that there are many mothers and daughters who often act as a single individual, meaning that they are so much alike that people would often mistake them to be sisters.

A mother who supports her daughter almost every step of the way is admirable, and a daughter who respects and praises her mother is just brilliant. Deanna Pilling and daughter McKenna had such a bond. They were so close, it was difficult to say goodbye when McKenna had to move into her dorm room at college.

After 9-months of separation, Deanna wanted to plan a surprise for her daughter, who she had missed so much. After some time contemplating, she planned to surprise her daughter by sneaking into her dorm room, and help her pack for summer vacation. While it was quite a simple plan, it became one of the most awkward and humiliating situations of their lives.

The Inseparable Bond


Ever since McKenna was a little child, she and her mother were very close. However, as McKenna grew up, she graduated high school and it was time for her to go away for college. The Pillings have always lived in New York, and when Mckenna picked Utah State University, everyone was shocked.

Particularly Deanna, who was terrified at the thought of her daughter living so far away from home. However, she supported her daughter’s decision even though it was quite difficult for her.