Wildlife photographers often go out of their way to capture some of the most beautiful shots by taking real risks and getting quite close to some very dangerous animals. However, they are often noticed by the animals and the shots are often never about what the animals are doing when no one is watching them. Trail cameras, on the other hand, have gotten increasingly popular because they automatically take pictures by detecting movement in their field of view. In the world of hunting and nature, trail cams have become a popular way of tracking an animal’s activity. Here are some different and rare pictures caught by trail cams that are sometimes terrifying, sometimes funny, and sometimes truly spectacular.

Buck Wearing A Hat


Being a young Buck can sometimes bring some struggles. Living in the wild means that sometimes things get trapped in your antlers and your poor hooves are unable to get it out. This young buck got tumbleweed stuck on his antlers. It may look like a lovely crown to have for one night but we can imagine that he’d want to get rid of it soon after.