If there is a little scope for something to go wrong, there are high chances that it will. However, when it is something as special as your wedding day, you always fear the worst and hope that everything goes perfectly according to the plan. The couples getting married found out that the wedding pictures did not come out to be perfect but there was an element of fun in them. From odd facial expressions to animals photobombing at the strangest moment, backdrops that leave little to the imagination, and spellings that certainly mislead, these snap fails will have you guffawing and thankful that they didn’t happen on your big day!

I Told You We Should Have Hired a Limo!

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The expression on this groom’s face says it all – she wanted to hire a limo, he wanted to save some cash and hired a car instead. Now, they have a snap. They’re rather forgotten, despite the fact that the bride is pretty handy with the mechanics! He should have listened – they could have been sipping champers in the back of a limo, enjoying their big day. Let this be a lesson to you all – hire the limo!