We’re a group of social media experts who got seriously tired of one thing, copious amounts of advertisements with content spread across dozens of pages. Here at Tigerscroll we wanted to change that. Of course advertisements are crucial but we wanted to allow people to enjoy viral stories with a better user experience.

Founded in 2020, it’s time explore new stories in a much more enjoyable way. You’ll probably find our links across all of your favourite social media sites, please enjoy them, our goal is to ensure that you want to come back again.

When it comes to the content, our writers enjoy writing about pretty much anything, so you’ll definitely find something that will take your interest. We’re always interested to finding more passionate writers though, even better, you’ll get paid.

We’ve always believed in ‘play hard, work hard’, all of our staff work from home allowing them to enjoy important times with their families. We don’t even have a dedicated office, maybe they will eventually become a thing of the past. Imagine if working from home became a reality for the majority, our planet would boom.

2020 was a critical period for the world, we saw a world disaster which bought everybody together, it really shows that we’re all here for each other when we need people most. Tigerscroll was born to keep minds occupied during isolation.

Happy reading – Tigerscroll.