These Pictures Prove That Australia Isn’t For Everybody

Australia might look like a great tourist spot, but if you think that all you will find is a warm climate, cool beaches and hot chicks, then you are badly mistaken. It has so many dangers around every corner, you will wish you never paid a visit to the cursed country in the first place. […]

These Unexplored Historical Photos Are Amazing

A lot has happened in the last couple of centuries and, as a result, humans have drastically evolved. However, it wasn’t always easy and there have been many hardships including war, famine and fatal diseases. Yet still, human ingenuity and compassion have triumphed all of it and progress has been made to ensure the convenience […]

An Inside Look Into Priscilla Presley’s Beverly Hills Mansion

After buying a Beverly Hills mansion in the 70s and keeping it in the family for more than five decades, Priscilla Presley has finally listed the property for around $16 million. This particular private estate was built in 1951 and has been kept away from the public eye. However, after the listing, we have finally […]

Everyday Items We Have Been Using Wrong For Years

There are everyday items in our lives that we have been using in the wrong way for years and because we are so used to the way that we have been using them, we don’t even give them a second look. However, you might just want to take a look at these photos so that […]

These Hollywood Women Are Taller Than You Imagined

The ladies of Hollywood have ruled over the big screen as well as the small screen. They have a lot of talent and with every brilliant performance, they break various records and that’s what makes them attractive! While cameras can do wonders to the way a person in front of it looks, the talent is […]

These Laws From Around The World Are So Weird

Every country has its own laws that the residents and citizens have to obey. Most of the laws are aimed at preventing any harm to humanity but there are some that go the extra mile and prevent the citizens from doing some crazy things. There are many laws around the world that are so ridiculous […]

You Need A Heart Of A Warrior To Cross These Death-Defying Bridges

The world is full of dangerous places. Every day, some new explorer finds a new place that goes in to challenge the adventurer in them. Often times, these places are quite normal but hard enough for the normal person to reach. But a true adventurer will find a way to reach these new heights. However, […]

The Worst Cars Ever Made In The History Of Mankind

For about a century and a half, human beings have been getting on the tarmac with four wheels to drive on. Many of these cars are flashy enough to grab the attention of people on the road. Designers working for car companies are always coming up with new designs that they believe will wow the […]

Belarus Leader Ready To Invite Russian Troops ‘If Necessary’

Belarus’ authoritarian president said Friday he’s prepared to invite Russian troops into the country if such a move is necessary to ensure the security of both Belarus and Russia. But, President Alexander Lukashenko said, at the moment “there is absolutely no need” to do that. In remarks carried by the state-run Belta news agency, Lukashenko […]

Refugee Olympians Coming To Canada In First-Of-Kind Immigration Program

For three South Sudanese-born Olympians, this is one eventful summer: reaching the world stage, then settling in a new country half a world away.  “We feel so great … to go study in Canada,” said track athlete Paulo Amotun Lokoro. “I’m so excited.” They’re competing as members of the Refugee Olympic Team, a squad of […]