The world is full of odd people doing odd things. However, some behaviors are so bizarre that they fall into a different category of crazy. These Redditors share first-hand accounts of some of the most deranged acts they have witnessed. From doo-doo dancers to insane inmates, these stories will leave you shocked, speechless, and glad you were nowhere near any of these unhinged human beings.

1. Without Batting An Eyelash

I was an eye doctor. I remember one young lady who came in for a routine visit, but her eyelids were very swollen from her fake eyelashes. The adhesive was laid on THICK and was literally blocking her gland orifices, causing a massive infection of both eyelids. Despite the severe swelling, she didn’t seem particularly fazed.

It wasn’t even her reason for the visit. I looked at her under the lamp, then told her that those lashes were going to have to go. I turned around to grab some petroleum jelly and some Q-tips to work the adhesive clumps off slowly when I started hearing what sounded like Velcro being torn apart.

I turned around, and she ripped out both top lids of fake lashes, including every single natural lash she had. It was a startlingly clean job, and she just looked at me completely bald-eyed and said, “Okay, now what?” They were already infected and swollen, and now they were even more swollen and had a ton of ripped-off lash stumps.

So, I prescribed her antibiotics and told her that her lashes would probably grow back over the next few weeks.


Deranged Doings UnleashedFlickr, Marco Verch Professional Photographer