Most of us associate the beach with carefree activities like playing on the sand, basking in the sun, and gazing at a breathtaking sunset with our loved ones. From getting sand in your underwear to getting roasted in the sun to having hilariously awkward conversations in a hammock, a day at the beach may be fraught with potential peril. Life may be a beach, but there is always a silver lining, as evidenced by our compilation of 50 of the world’s funniest beach disasters.

Technical Failure

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When this woman posed for these pictures on the beach, she decided to bring an exciting prop. Aside from her sunglasses, she also brought along her laptop to sit in the waves.

The only problem is that technology and water are fairly infamous for not mixing. It’s almost certain that if her laptop worked before this photoshoot, it’s never going to work again now. This is especially true since her laptop is almost completely submerged in this shot.