Cleaning The Floors


You guys remember the Baby Mop? It was a onesie lined with microfibre finger pads that cleaned the floor as your toddler crawled around. That was an awesome product! Well now you can have the same sort of “innovation” for the rest of the family. The Floor Cleaning Slippers are lined with microfibre finger pads, which pick up dust and small debris as you walk around.

Sure, it’s only going to clean the most walked-around areas in your home, leaving corners to collect all the dust bunnies you didn’t pick up. But we suppose it’s better than nothing. The soles do detach easily for cleaning. And at $5 a pair, why not get some?

Like the Swiffer technology, these house shoes employ dust-grabbing fibers to pick up household dust. But they’re not as wasteful as the disposable Swiffer cloths because the slippers are easily washable, either with the laundry or in a dishwasher.. They claim that the biggest benefit is that the slippers eliminate bending and stooping to pick up debris.