Cruises are a popular choice for travelers seeking a complete vacation package. These floating havens offer lodging, dining, and various amenities under one roof. However, there are lesser-known aspects and truths associated with cruise journeys. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-timer, it’s essential to explore these cruise insights before embarking. Uncovering hidden facilities and crew insights unveils a fresh perspective on the cruise adventure.

A Morgue Lurks Within Every Cruise Ship

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While vacations and cruises are intended for enjoyment, there’s a sad aspect that often goes unnoticed by passengers. Given the considerable number of elderly passengers, it’s not uncommon for individuals to pass away during a cruise. According to a former crew member’s estimate, approximately three individuals lose their lives each month aboard a cruise ship.

Because of this, every cruise ship must be equipped with an onboard morgue. Accessible only to the crew, this facility typically has space for accommodating three to six deceased individuals.