We all have our eyes on a house that we know is going to be the one that we buy one day when we have collected enough money. However, it is important to always check everything about the house. This is why people get a house inspector to tick all the right boxes. This couple did not get their house inspected or check it out themselves properly. They got a huge surprise when they checked out the basement of their dream home. Read on to find out the whole story.

The Worst Feeling In Her Life

Ally can hardly breathe. She feels dizzy, sick to the bottom of her stomach. She stands at the top of the stairs and looks down into the darkness. It was supposed to be their dream home, but her discovery was quickly turning it into a nightmare.

What was at the bottom of the stairs? When they bought the house, nobody had mentioned a basement. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She was going to figure this out, one way or another. But little did she know that the worst was yet to come.