There are many people who wish to appear at least once on TV in their lives. They want the world to see them for who they are and get fame, even if it lasts only for a few seconds. However, on the other hand, there are those who have their jobs on air and they have to be always on their feet, ready to go live at the spur of the moment. These are the news anchors that bring us the word from around the world. While many may say that the internet has killed their jobs along with the newspapers, there is no greater pleasure than receiving the news from a face that you trust. However, even with all the professional training that they have had over the years, in the end, they are also human beings and they tend to slip up sometimes. Here are some of the funniest news anchor fails of all time.

Meeting The Captain


Goodness me! Can you imagine this poor woman’s surprise? All she is trying to do is get her job done, reporting on the comings and goings of her news piece, and all of a sudden, she is accosted and bothered—and not just by any man, but by none other than Captain Jack Sparrow!