Driving on a winding road with twists and turns can be quite fun. It gives you a thrill that is unmatched and makes the straight roads seem boring. However, with this thrill comes quite a lot of danger as well. Constant twists and turns can put a lot of stress on your steering wheel and brakes which can lead to a failure in the overall car. There are many roads in the world which have proven to be quite dangerous. While some of them are simply too steep, others are simply too picturesque that people get lost in the beauty and lose their focus and get involved in accidents. Here are some of the most dangerous roads in the world.

“Road Of Death”, Bolivia


Would you actually believe that this road is used for the transport of many heavy vehicles? There is no concrete road and it is all pebbles and dirt. The deep fall without a proper railing does not boost any confidence either. There are spots on this road that allow for two vehicles to pass side by side but most of it is meant for the passing of a single vehicle only. It would take real courage to fire up your engine and begin a journey on this road.