There are no two things that are similar to one another, especially when they are naturally-occurring. Some of these ordinary things that we see in our daily lives can totally change our perspective when we compare it to something that is so different from them and yet so similar in function. Comparing these things side by side will give you more perspective in life and show you how some things can be so similar and yet so different. Here are some things that you can compare and we are sure that they will most definitely change how you look at them.

Carrying Military Tanks In A Plane


So military tanks can fly on a plane? Some aircrafts can carry these heavy vehicles. In terms of strength, the military tank is one of the strongest and heaviest vehicles on earth. So, it comes as a great surprise that a plane can fly it easily. To know how heavy a tank is, the average type weighs about 50 tons! A tank of that size can generate a speed of 70mph.