We’ve all heard the adage “like mother, like daughter,” but few of us can explain its true significance. We all look like our parents in some surprising way. You might have to look twice at some of these pictures to believe it; the daughters look just like their mothers. It’s as if there’s a mirror in between them, making it seem like we’re looking at just one gorgeous woman instead of two. You won’t believe the fantastic duplicates made by mothers for their daughters. So think twice before saying, “I look just like my mom,” since you probably don’t. Things could get even worse. or more advanced. How you choose to interpret the events is crucial.

Big Little Family

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Obviously, we need to jump in with a well-known figure. Who else but Reese Witherspoon and her beloved daughter Ava Phillippe? What a startling degree of resemblance there is between the two! Which one of these women—mother or daughter—has the better appearance and more attractive features? It’s not that we can’t appreciate their beauty, but that we’re not interested in both. Reese appears to defy time and never get older.