Going to the gym is the solution to our collective obsession with health and fitness. In order to attain one’s physical objectives, one must put up considerable work. Seeing other individuals running, lifting, stretching, climbing, crawling, and doing anything else gets you pumped up to do the same. Fitness center gaffes are many; all you need is a sharp eye and a camera handy to capture some of them. It’s interesting to examine these failures.

Hit The Floor!

Everyone has a moment in the gym when they believe they can do a crazy trick, only to fall flat on their faces. Like most girls, this one decided to try and make a joke out of a difficult situation by performing an act. Holding on to one of those gym rings takes some serious fortitude. A different kind of physical prowess is required to perform on it.

Not being able to complete a performance is humiliating, and seeming like a complete fool is much worse. You better hope your pal isn’t close and recording it.