89-year-old Mrs. Wilson was going to take her first flight, and she was very anxious about it because of her advanced age. She’d never ever set foot in an airport, much less flown in a plane. She purchased a business class seat to make sure she could kick back and enjoy the journey. On the contrary, her journey to business class was fraught with difficulty and opposition.

Chaos in the plane

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It was beginning to look as though she had made a scene on the plane. Mrs. Wilson was instantly overcome with worry and tension. She sensed everyone’s critical gazes on her. It appeared that the flight attendant was also caught off guard.

Clearly, Mrs. Wilson was at a loss. Mrs. Wilson was eventually allowed to take her place in the business class section, but the damage had been done. As she tried to put away her suitcase, she felt sick to her stomach and realized that her body was trembling.