Many people suffer from conditions that may not be visible to others. Yasmin Swift, who was simply going to the local pub to catch up with a friend, was one of these people. After a fun time with her friend, she returned to her car to find a note had been attached to it. The note said that she had no right to park in a disability spot, which was not even close to the truth. Swift was furious upon reading the note and she instantly knew that she had to do something about it. Read on to find out the full story of this girl and the invisible disease that she must battle every day of her life.

First Symptoms


Yasmin Swift was like any other normal teenager who had just graduated from her high school and gotten a job at a hair salon. Everything was quite normal in her life until one fateful day when she started to feel something different.

One day she woke up and her legs, stomach and eyes had swollen up. She brushed it off as allergies at first but the truth was that it was something much worse.