It’s usually quite comfortable when you stay in a hotel. Every chore you would normally have to do at home is taken care of by the hotel staff. You do not have to make your bed, clean your room, or cook your food. But what if we told you that we have compiled together some of the best hacks that will make your stay even more comfortable? Hacks that are so next level they will completely revolutionize how you travel? So why should we put a towel at the bottom of the door? Or put coins in the sink? Well, buckle up and prepare for liftoff because these genius hotel hacks will blow your mind.

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean


Luxury hotels are nice and all, but they still won’t be as clean as your house. In most hotels, a maid has about an hour at most to clean the entire room. And while cleaners will certainly do a decent job, that new room smell and sparkle is all a façade. Bathroom counters are our main point of concern when it comes to cleanliness.

Think again before you decide to just lay your toothbrush down on that sink. You don’t know what people have used that surface for, leaving behind a plethora of bacteria. Most hotels don’t have toothbrush holders, so are we expected to just risk it and go without? Definitely not! Simply take a coffee cup, flip it upside down, cut a tiny hole in the bottom, and voila! A toothbrush holder for yours truly.