At least some of the thrill of flying can be attributed to the attractive flight attendants who make your experience that much more pleasurable. The flight attendants are there to accommodate your every whim and need during the journey. But there are still some industry secrets that the general public doesn’t know about. This point in time, until now. Flight attendants from various airlines have spilled the beans and shown us behind-the-scenes action in the aviation industry.

They Communicate With A Secret Code

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Aboard order to keep the goings-on in the plane a secret from passengers, the flight crew uses discreet codes to communicate with each other. They could need to warn each other about something, but they don’t want to alarm the passengers.

Flights aren’t devoid of the usual jingles and chimes you’d expect. For instance, what are the “dings” at the start and finish of a flight called? Takeoff and landing are the most dangerous aspects of any flight, thus this is done to reassure the crew that the worst of it is over.