North Korea is widely recognized as one of the most infamous and guarded nations on the planet. As a result, touring the country is not as simple as booking a vacation package. Rather, visitors are required to join a government-run tour group, comply with stringent regulations, and stick to a predetermined itinerary. At all times, tourists are in close proximity to a tour operator who directs their attention and movement.

Given the strict limitations imposed on visitors, it is uncommon to come across candid photographs depicting the ordinary routines of North Korean citizens. Nonetheless, a few daring travelers, like French photographer Eric Lafforgue, have succeeded in achieving the improbable. However, the undertaking comes with considerable risks and is never a simple task. Lafforgue paid a heavy price for his “transgressions” – which involved capturing images of everyday life – as he was permanently prohibited from entering North Korea. Presented below are some of his “unlawful” pictures.

Power Outage 

Despite the power outage while Lafforgue was preparing to take his picture, he proceeded with the task. However, this action did not endear him to anyone. According to the tour guide, the electricity disruption was attributed to the American embargo.

The veracity of the claim notwithstanding, it is an indication that North Korea is not all sunshine and rainbows. The precise figures are difficult to obtain, but it is widely believed that only around a quarter of the populace has the privilege of electricity access. Even then, the supply is frequently restricted to just a few hours each day.