The first Hooters restaurant opened up on April Fool’s Day 1983. The founders of the restaurant were not sure if it will be a success and were prepared for the worst. However, their worst fears were just fears and the restaurant actually became a hit. What started as a small restaurant is now a chain of successful enterprises with more than 400 outlets all over the world. But, what’s it like to actually be a Hooters girl? Check out this list of stories from women who used to work at Hooters and see for yourself.

From the Jump Start


All right, let’s kick things off with the Hooters jump start. Apparently, before a shift, Hooters staff members get together and go through a couple of checks. Firstly, the manager makes sure staff are properly made up, and that their hair is both down and styled. For a place that serves food, isn’t this a little odd? As well as that, managers check each Hooters girl’s nails to make sure they’re appropriately painted. According to this former staff member, the jump start isn’t as weird as it sounds.