Elephants are extremely popular and are known for their intelligence. Further, we have found them to be among the most possessive of all creatures. When they develop romantic feelings for another being, whether human or animal, they become dangerously protective of that other being. Their emotions run deep, and when anything is bothering them, there will be a lot of outward manifestations of that fact.

The fate of one Indian elephant in 2015 was exactly as described. This elephant was spotted by the villagers digging a hole. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, but he was digging a hole for 11 hours straight, well into the night. When they realized what she was up to, they were taken aback.

The Elephant Herd

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Some sixty elephants were spotted in a herd a few years ago, making their way through a dusty region in northeastern India. The high elevation and wet climate of this region are two of its main selling points. In addition, many species of animals on the verge of extinction make their homes in the woodlands.

These elephants were seen in the Chatra district, located around 160 kilometers outside of Ranchi. The name “City of Water Falls” best describes Ranchi. Moreover, it was a common sighting location for elephants on their annual migration.